Friday, March 24, 2017

Necesitamos más gente...

Vi y escuché los primeros 14 minutos de este vídeo en que alguién introduce a Henry Giroux y después este da una charla (conferencia) en que resume y destaca su visión a la educación y el mundo en que se rodea. No suelo leer los comentarios a un vídeo, pero en este caso fuí atraído por el primer comentario, leí una respuesta a ese comentario (que parecía criticar a Giroux), y después leí la respuesta. Entonces vi que el primer comentario no era una crítica a Giroux sino otra cosa que dejo a usted para definirla. Abajo están los comentarios que acabo de leer:

Zach flakerton
When a guy who talks about practicing democracy in the most democratic country in the world only gets 8 thousand views on youtube, questions should be raised.
mars Cubed
Zach, it is a crass and loaded question.. USA is not a democracy but an oligarchy.. one of the most corrupt places on the planet.. it is what Chomsky calls the heart of the beast. It is a capitalist thug that mass murders and propagandises humanity into commodities to be used or killed for profit.. longest working hours, the home of slash and hate movies, military and prison capital. USA is the worst thug around and needs revolution.. the domination of the neoliberal ad junk that dominates USA explains why there are so few views... 8000 views however is the beginning of the kind of movement that can bring change. As are Socialist Alternative, Bernie Sanders, BLM, $15 p/h, DPAL, women's rights, unionisation etc etc.

Zach flakerton
+mars Cubed​​​​​​ Firstly, I wasn't outright saying the US was a democracy. Since within capitalist structures, there can only be certain degrees of democracy, and since we've never had a labor based party like European nations have, our degree is zero. Secondly, don't worry. I'm anticipating an actual revolution in the next couple of decades or so (maybe even the 2020s) because anyone can clearly see that the system is imploding in on itself. We now have a president that not only does the majority of the country feel don't represent them, but are militantly opposed to. Since we've already endured 45 years of the neoliberal phase, we are now in that sub phase of confusion. People who analyze other empires throughout history have concluded that the average empire lasts around 250 years (we're hitting that mark). This is all part of the natural cycle. If the owners of this country try to rule us through harsh discipline rather than stroking us like they did in the 1940s-60s, then they will push us over the line, and there isn't much time left. A revolution would have happened much earlier if people were more educated, as the rulers rely on a whole section of the working class treated like they're part of the third world, and can only resort to cycles of drugs and other trivial addictions rather than expanding their minds. Once revolution is right at the brink, the owners might see this comment and arrest me for conspiring treason, but they did this to themselves. People are still in their pigeon hole mindsets for the most part as it were in the previous duration of the neoliberal period, as most are either dominated by partisan politics or no politics, but as more of the education of reality seeps through the cracks, that will change. Noam Chomsky has been fighting nail, tooth, and claw since the start of the Vietnam intervention, but regardless, he's just one guy. We need more people. Forget the fact that this system isn't gonna last forever, it won't last much longer.


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