Monday, November 07, 2005

Ruggiero Ricci (2)

Me dejo llevar más por Ruggiero Ricci y encuentro unas notas biográficas sobre él de donde cito: ‘Ruggiero Ricci was born in 1918 as the third child of seven. His famliy, not being rich was oriented to music. His father, an immigrant from Italy being a musician (a very ambitious man who played the trombone). He instructed his children to become musicians ("either musician, or garbage man").
Ruggiero listened to his father trying to play the Hungarian dance of Brahms and he decided to play this piece on the violin. His first teacher was his father himself, who brought him to Louis Persinger at the age of 7 years. Persinger recognised the high talent of the boy and organised lessons by his assistant, Elizabeth Lackey and by himself. After winning a gold-medal at a local contest, Ricci gave his first public performance in 1928 at the age of 10 years with works by Wieniawsky and Vieuxtemps. Persinger accompanied him on the piano. The year after he gave his first orchestral performance, playing the Mendelssohn concerto. His debut at the Carnegie Hall became a great success.
Concert tours in the
USA and later in Europe (England and Germany) followed.
Ricci gave much attention to the works of Paganini, as he later said, he learned much of the violin-technique of Paganini from his works. Playing scales with difficult, uncommon fingerings were another speciality of Ricci. He recommends to play compositions for piano, like the Chopin-Etudes on the violin. As a teacher he insists to bring etudes to the absolute mastership instead to a mediocre level.’
Adjunto una foto de Ricci, muy joven, como “Wunderkind”, y una de viejo, siempre tocando el violín.